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    Visio Training Toronto

    Microsoft Visio online training courses

    A powerful diagramming tool that helps you transform complex information into pictures. Visio helps professionals quickly create diagrams and schematics of processes, flowcharts, floor plans, org charts, networks, and more.

    Where is it?

    Due to Covid-19, all courses
    are online in real time with
    a real instructor.

    What’s included

    • Free after-class support
    • Hands-on practice throughout
    • Course Certificate
    • Free retake policy

    Why choose us?

    • Better instructors
    • Better practice exercises
    • Better lesson plans
    • Full after-class support
    • Convenient online training
    Training Boston - Money Back Guarantee
    Most classes are guaranteed to run. Training is available on your choice of Mac or PC.

    Microsoft Visio – Quickstart
    1 Day | 7 hours | $425 PLUS TAX

    Prerequisite: Good knowledge of the Windows environment.

    This comprehensive hands-on course teaches you how to use Microsoft Visio to create professional diagrams to visualise complex systems, sharpen communication and fine tune business processes. You will practice building both simple and complex diagrams, using templates, shapes and Smartshapes.

    The Basics

    • » getting started
    • » creating a new drawing
    • » saving a drawing

    Drawing with Visio

    • » understanding the Shapes Pane
    • » adding shapes to a drawing
    • » connecting shapes
    • » using drag and drop
    • » using cut, copy, and paste
    • » using undo and redo

    Working with Shapes

    • » selecting shapes
    • » moving shapes
    • » rotating shapes
    • » resizing shapes
    • » duplicating shapes
    • » deleting shapes

    Formatting Shapes

    • » applying a shape style
    • » changing the fill color
    • » changing the line color
    • » adding effects

    Arranging Shapes

    • » using Auto Align
    • » using Auto Space
    • » changing the layout of the page
    • » rotating the diagram

    Working with Text

    • » changing the font
    • » applying text effects
    • » using the text dialog
    • » changing text alignment
    • » rotating text

    Inserting Art and Objects

    • » inserting online pictures
    • » inserting local pictures
    • » inserting charts
    • » inserting CAD drawings
    • » inserting text boxes

    Formatting the Page

    • » changing the page’s theme
    • » choosing a variant for the page
    • » applying a page background
    • » adding borders and titles

    Managing Pages

    • » inserting pages
    • » browsing through pages
    • » renaming pages
    • » deleting pages
    • » creating background pages

    Final Touches

    • » checking spelling
    • » modifying page size
    • » modifying page orientation
    • » using page setup
    • » adding headers and footers

    Sharing Your Work

    • » using Presentation Mode
    • » saving as PDF or XPS
    • » saving as an image
    • »printing a drawing
    • » e-mailing a drawing

    Customizing the Interface

    • » the ribbon
    • » the quick access toolbar
    • » hiding and showing ribbon tabs
    • » creating custom ribbon tabs
    • » resetting interface changes


    • Runs on request for 3 or more

    It was fantastic and the instructor was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Caitlin J.

    What to expect in Training Boston's online Microsoft Visio courses

    You can expect your instructor to be helpful and engaging. Your Visio training will be hands-on, right from the start, and your day lasts about 7 hours including breaks and lunch.

    Want to know more about our Microsoft training courses? Click here for more information.

    You will get lots of practice with the basics so you can dive in to big projects confidently when you get back to the office. Your MS Visio training is structured so that you see how the lessons are relevant to the work you perform. You will work on practical exercises in your Visio course, learning new skills and professional techniques that you will use in your own projects. You will meet attendees like yourself, like-minded people pursuing similar goals. You can expect lively Q&As. We hope you’ll ask all the questions you want. Please let us know before the event if you have any special requests or challenges.

    Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

    Plans change, and we can accommodate all reasonable requests. Sometimes there are hard costs
    involved but we’ll work with you to reduce or avoid them altogether. Please direct all cancellation
    and rescheduling emails to


    » Cancellations made more than 5 days before a course date qualify for a full refund minus a $25 administration fee per student.

    » Cancellations made less than 5 days before a course do not qualify for a refund but the class may be rescheduled.

    » Cancellations made within 48 hours of the start time are not eligible for a refund and may not be rescheduled.

    » We are not able to offer refunds or rescheduling for no-shows or uncompleted courses.


    » There is no charge for rescheduling when you inform us at least 3 days before the course.

    » An administration fee of $50 per person is charged when rescheduling 2 days or less before a course.

    » Student substitutions are free. If you cannot take a course maybe your colleague can. Just let us know.

    » It is rare that classes do not run as scheduled but we do reserve the right to reschedule previously confirmed classes.