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    Dynamic Arrays 1 Day | 7 hours | $449 PLUS TAX

    Dynamic Arrays are the most significant enhancement to Excel in years. Traditional array formulas (one formula, multiple results) have always been possible but they’re complicated and cumbersome to use, and usually require careful replication. Now, with Dynamic Arrays, formulas are simpler and easier to manage, and they usually require no replication at all. Dynamic Arrays are available to users of Excel 365 or later. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Excel 2 

    Primary benefits of Dynamic Array formulas:

      » Shorter formulas; easier to use and understand; more efficient
      » Multiple results are returned to a “SPILL” range which is dynamic and will continually adjust to accommodate new or changed data
      » Only one formula needs to be entered; no replication is necessary

    Functions covered in this course

    • SWITCH
    • FILTER
    • UNIQUE

    You will benefit most from this course if you:

      » Are a good intermediate or advanced user of Excel
      » Do a lot of LOOKUPS, or DATA FILTERING
      » Need your results to be dynamic, i.e. will automatically recognize new or changed data without having to manage multiple, complex formulas
    • Runs on request