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    Adobe InDesign – eBooks 1 Day | 7 hours | $499 PLUS TAX

    eBooks now routinely outsell their hard cover cousins. What's more, eBooks are exciting! You can include movies and revolving 3D objects, for example. eBooks are also cheaper to produce and easier to update. This one-day class takes you through every step in the process of creating and refining your eBook. Prerequisite: Proficiency in InDesign. 


    • » sample ebooks
    • » the epub workflow

    Understanding epubs

    • » ebook vs epub
    • » fixed-layout or reflowable
    • » cracking open epubs
    • » the components of an epub

    Getting started

    • » the epub workflow
    • » creating an epub workspace
    • » installing necessary scripts

    Preparing to export

    • » the basic prep steps
    • » anchoring images
    • » managing the sequence of content
    • » the Articles panel
    • » creating a navigation TOC
    • » creating chapter breaks
    • » working with InDesign book files

    Optimizing text

    • » cleaning up text
    • » converting local formatting to styles
    • » using free scripts to automate text formatting
    • » mapping text styles to HTML and CSS tags
    • » adding a custom TOC
    • » embedding fonts

    Optimizing images

    • » creating a cover image
    • » converting InDesign artwork to images
    • » specifying image resolution and appearance
    • » setting image position controls
    • » adding alt tags to images and objects
    • » managing object size
    • » using object styles
    • » adding video

    Exporting to epub2 and epub3

    • » choosing general export options
    • » choosing export options for text and CSS
    • » reviewing image-conversion options

    Previewing and validating

    • » proofing the epub on ereader devices
    • » validating epub2 and epub3 files

    Converting the epub to Kindle

    • » the Kindle portal
    • » converting with Kindle previewer
    • » converting epub for other ereaders

    Our goal is to make sure your class meets your objectives, not ours. This outline is intended as a guide to provide structure for the workshop. Don’t be afraid to ask questions outside the box; our instructors are experts in the use of InDesign at all levels and are prepared to answer your questions on the fly.

    Custom Training. We love it when clients ask for custom training. Whether your team wants to combine certain topics from various courses or needs us to create a completely customized solution using your data, this is something we do really well. (Available for groups of three or more.)

    • Runs on request for 3 or more